In the Studio; photograph taken by Adam Frezza

Terri Chiao is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. Trained in architecture, Terri investigates the philosophical practice inherent in house-building. Through the construction of small habitable structures, Terri creates space for the co-mingling of the real and the imagined. Huts and cabins become places in which to exercise and foster alternate realities, ultimately reflecting back on society at large. Her photographs of natural landscapes often consider the habitable space beyond the city, including trees, greenhouses, and overgrown forests.

She collaborates with Adam Frezza at Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao, exploring play and craft across a range of media, and with Deborah Katz at KatzChiao, focusing on architectural research and design.

Terri and Adam host A Cabin in a Loft, a guest room and artists space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. They also run a small design studio making playful objects for everyday life at CHIAOZZA.

If you would like to contact Terri, please send an email to