Willow Hut
The Willow Hut is a temporary ceremonial space at the edge of the meadow and forest, nestled between a fern patch and a mossy log in the Catskill Mountains. The hut invites a young willow tree to participate in creating a place to observe the occurrence of gentle phenomena, both natural and cultural. It was built during a summer residency at The School of Making Thinking in Delancey, NY. Read more about the Willow Hut.

May 30, 2013
Visit Terri and Adam during Bushwick Open Studios 2013. We will be there Friday 5/31 (7pm-midnight) and Saturday-Sunday 6/1-6/2 (12-7pm). New in-progress installations will be on view.

April 9, 2013
Terri and Adam will be showing work in a group show Atmospheric Pressure: A Young Artists Collection, curated by Brittany Natale, opening Friday, April 12, at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Brooklyn. The show is on view through May 5.

Womb of the Earth
Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley, California, is known to the Timbisha Shoshone Indians as Tem-pin-tta- Wo'sah, or Coyote's Basket. It is believed that thousands of years ago, people emerged from the mouth of the crater and spread out in four directions, eventually forming different tribes and groups across the land.

March 5, 2013
A great write-up of the Making Room exhibition on Domus by Leigha Dennis.

January 23, 2013
Making Room: New Models for Housing New Yorkers opens at The Museum of the City of New York. A dollhouse model made by Terri Chiao, Joseph Vidich, Leigha Dennis, and Deborah Grossberg Katz is on view along with images from the rest of their project with Peter Gluck and Partners, "A Home of One's Own".

December 20, 2012
Terri is named one of New York's Up-and-Coming Culturemakers to Watch in 2013.

December 18, 2012
A new collaboration with Adam Frezza, CHIAOZZA, makes playful objects for everyday life. We are launching our new design studio with our A-Frames, unique hand-cut and hand-painted geometric shelves.

October 20, 2012
Terri will be speaking about designing for small spaces in the Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop at Brooklyn College this weekend.

October 6, 2012
Redesigned the site, built with Indexhibit.

Borie Huts
Borie Huts are large stone mounds scattered across the Provence countryside in Southern France. Resembling many odd forms, they emerged from a practice of clearing farm fields of rocks and piling them together. Over time, farmers began forming these dry-stone rock mounds into usable structures, typically one-room cabins for shepherds to weather out storms or cold nights. The huts are usually designed to have enough space inside to house a fire and shelves built in to the interior, for the shepherd to put his things. They have been around since medieval times and have become thought of as 'kitsch' in Provence.

Nonetheless, the structures punctuate the countryside and form a loose nomadic village made of stone and nothing else — except what the temporary visitor brings along for the night.

September 27, 2012
Terri and Adam are featured in the show Objects by Architects at the Keller Gallery at MIT. The show is on view from September 27 - November 1 and features work "smaller than a breadbox" by architects who also make things.

Six Attributes Garden
Kenrokuen Garden is considered one of the most perfect gardens in Japan. If a garden is to be truly great, it must embody these six attributes (for which Kenrokuen is named):
1. Spaciousness
2. Seclusion
3. Artifice
4. Antiquity
5. Water courses
6. Panoramas
Note that 'Artifiice' and 'Antiquity' are highly valued — gardens as distinct from city or unregulated countryside, and as spaces that have a different time scale than contemporary life.

The Whalers' Cabin
The Whalers' Cabin in Point Lobos State Park, California, was built in the late 1800s and has been variably occupied by Portuguese whalers, Japanese abalone hunters, coal miners, and coastal defense squads. Various activities from cutting whale blubber, melting whale oil, sorting the catch, and training soldiers likely took place in the yard among the trees. The cabin was built next to a cypress tree, in a grove of many coastal cypresses. Over time, the cypress tree has grown so large that part of the cabin adjacent to the tree had to be cut out so that the cabin would not be destroyed. You can see large tree roots and part of the trunk inside the room next to the tree, and an up-close view of the trunk with gnarled bark from the window.

June 2012
A Cabin in a Loft has collaborated with N S E W Press to make a set of site-specific postcards. They are available at the cabins and also at N S E W.

January 12, 2012
A Cabin in a Loft is featured in Architizer's article, "Houses within Houses".

January 5, 2012
A House for a Forest featured on Parallelograms. Click and drag the image.

About Parallelograms:
Parallelograms is an online publication and multi-artist project exploring the relationship between images and interpretation.

November 11, 2011
Terri is featured on An Afternoon With, a photography project by Michael Mundy and Nhi Nyugen.

About An Afternoon With:
“This is a project about people. It is a project about our space and the things we keep and the things we don’t throw away. It is a project about looking for and finding connections we all have. It is about seeing yourself in these spaces. Every picture is a portrait of the owner – be it a room, an object or a view. Every portrait in the end becomes a self-portrait. So in the end this is a project about me.”

November 7, 2011
This fall I was invited to participate in the Making Room Design Study with The Architectural League and Citizens Housing & Planning Council with Peter Gluck & Partners. View our report proposing micro-lofts for New York City that densify standard 25' x 100' lots, and watch the video here.

You can follow more news on tumblr at Eternity Stew and also at A Cabin in a Loft.