Terri Chiao

A Small Space is dedicated to images and thoughts around ideas of living with nature. Forests and Caves, Trees and Rocks, are primitive forms of inhabitation. Over time, we have learned to find comfort in them, to shape them, and to help them provide for us. They shelter and hug us. They are the bridges between us and the earth.

Photograph taken in Tall Trees Grove, Redwood National Forest, CA, by Adam Frezza, 2018

Terri Chiao is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. Trained in architecture, Terri investigates the philosophical practice inherent in home-building and landscape cultivation. Through the construction of small structures ranging from huts to books, Terri creates space for the co-mingling of the real and the imagined. These spaces become places in which to exercise and foster alternate realities, ultimately expanding our engagement with our environments. Her photographs of natural landscapes often consider habitation beyond the city, including the spaces within trees, rocks, plant houses, and overgrown forests.

Since 2011, Terri collaborates with Adam Frezza at CHIAOZZA, exploring play and craft across a range of media.